Later Years And The Desire To Age At Home

More and more Americans across the country have showed more concern regarding their living circumstances as they age. Retaining one’s independence seems to be the number one concern for elderly adults as they age. There are countless opportunities and alternatives available in regards to one’s retirement. Such alternatives consist of nursing homes, caregivers and technological advances that all correlate with seniors’ and their families’ well-being in mind.

Nursing homes also referred to as retirement homes and/or facilities, are a housing facility that resides multi-occupants. Senior citizens will have their own room that perceives the apartment feel and the general building contains alternative facilities for recreation, health care, gatherings, meals, etc. The most prominent trait included with a retirement home is the constant care that the individual at hand receives. Although these types of facilities have their perks, there still are many who feel that they lose their independence and opt for an alternative solution.

Caregivers tend to be a relatively perfect solution for many aging citizens. Caregivers can come in many forms, from nursing professionals, live-in, part-time, to a family member. Depending on the specific needs of the senior, which are usually discussed with a health care professional, the level of knowledge and ability from the caregiver will range. Often times family members help as much as they can with their aging loved one but find there are aspects to the task that require a professional. The most important factor with this retirement factor is that the senior often times is able to retain their independence.

We live in a digital age and the technology world advances more and more every day. With said advances come vast opportunities for citizens everywhere; opportunities involving retirement included. More recent developments involve platforms that allow and enable seniors to communicate with loved ones and health care professionals easily and via social sources and tools that have become more and more popular amongst the masses. Such devises as the CareConnect allow such communication which provides seniors with the independence they desire while simultaneously giving family members the peace of mind knowing their loved ones are healthy and monitored in case of an emergency.

Retirement options should always be discussed with one’s medical provider to ensure they are healthy enough to receive the care, or lack of, desired.

The Rise of Internet Sales Tax

In Lansing, the debate on Internet sales tax is looming heavily, and one of the chief advocates is a Macomb County lawmaker. However, the bill might never see the light of the day because the world does not seem to be prepared for the things involved in managing such type of tax.

Internet Sales Tax?

Some weeks ago, the state House committee approved the legislation which would require online retailers to charge a sales tax of 6% on any product sold in Michigan. However, there is a strong opposition in the background among the lawmakers of the Republican Party, meaning that the full house vote on the issue might never be a reality, according to the Roseville Democrat, Rep. Harold Haugh.

The bill in the House Tax Policy Committee is backed by Haugh, one of three Democrats; though he said he would not be surprised if the House leadership did not back the legislation. According to him, the tax is not new, as for many years, it was expected that Congress would do something about it, being a tax which should have been implemented for many years.

According to those who support an Internet tax, which many states are already collecting, the tax helps to create level-playing field between many of the giants such as, Overstock led by Patrick Byrne and in internet sales and the “brick and mortar” (traditional) retailers, especially the small-scale ones. Sales tax does not form part of many online sales, making the online sellers to have an advantage of 6% on every sale made.

Why the Law is Opposed

In addition to the Republican legislators, there are many other people or groups who do not support the tax plan. Some of the major opposition groups is the Tea party groups, and to them, defeating the Main Street Fairness Act is one of the priorities.

In the state, the leader of one of the largest tea party groups, Joan Fabiano even sent an email to call for various parties and groups to come together for the same goal – say NO to internet sales tax. According Fabiano, one thing that should be considered is tax fairness, and not an increase in tax. He said that for a new form of tax to be introduced, another tax plan should be eliminated or have its rate reduced to create a ‘revenue neutral’ for the millions of taxpayers.

Tax Collection System

According to the state Department of Treasury, it would be impossible to collect $482.4 million in sales and use taxes, with ecommerce accounting for more than 60% of the amount. It is expected that use taxes would be levied on goods bought through a mail-order catalog or out-of-state. The K-12 education is funded by about 73% of sales tax revenues, while another 10% goes to the townships and cities and 17% to the state general fund.

For Michigan, about $5.9 million was generated through voluntary tax declaration by about 110,000 taxpayers, and according to the House GOP, the families in Michigan have already been subjected to enough tax, and another 6% on e-commerce purchases might hurt businesses.

Love Tech? Then You’ll Love Science.

There are certain questions you should ask yourself if you are considering becoming a scientist. As a child did you enjoy nature, spending hours looking at insects and birds? If you had a natural affinity to explore the world and discover the truth behind all of nature’s beauty, then you may be fit for the job. There are many undergraduate students who will work as a scientist in a lab. After earning a Bachelor’s in science you can obtain your first professional job as a scientist and work your way up in the field. From there you can even become a lab technician with a specialization.  Take a look at the science landscape today and learn about and other industry leading companies.

Note that if you want to work within a science career, it is a very noble profession – it is something that will always challenge you, remaining rewarding at the same time. It will take a special personality type to fill these shoes and a certain skill set in order to work in a technical field. If you are considering a science career, then you should ask yourself these questions before moving forward.

Are you curious? This is the core of being a scientist, and you must always be asking this question with everything that you are looking into. Why does it work that way and what would happen if you did things a little differently? You should constantly be thinking about improvements and updating yourself with new tech articles and then read more that will help to fuel your own curiosity with perpetuating new research and products. Simply going through the act of the work will not be enough for you. You need to understand it and ask questions. The scientists have a drive to solve these types of mysteries, and if you are not curious then this career may not be for you.

Are you good at math? Math is a big part of science being that you will constantly be calculating, recalculating and analyzing things during experiments. You will have to follow some recipes that are related to theories, and you will need to understand the math good enough in order to have somewhat of a clear and effective outcome. Scientists don’t have to be experts in math, but if you are not good with measurements and numbers, then it may not be your forte.

Can you work alone? If you are someone who is always in need of some sort of social stimulation, then this career move may not be fitting for you. Both a professional scientist and an undergrad will work on their own during experiments. They must be self-motivators and have the confidence to handle an experiment on their own.

Is there a kind of work environment that you prefer? Do keep in mind that a scientist will often spend many hours working within a lab with fluorescent lighting. There are many times in which there aren’t any windows and the exposure to these chemicals is a part of your important job. You should always dress in a lab coat for safety purposes. You may have to get down with performing some people work, which can be repetitive at times and perfecting this research can take from months to years.

Responsive Web Design Trend To Grow In 2013

Tablet computers and smarphones are expected to increase in popularity and sales greatly this year according to consumer industry experts and it is for this reason that more businesses are turning to responsive web design in order for their customers to be able to view the websites on their tablet computers and smartphones without much hassle. Responsive web design is when a company uses different types of queries to create their websites in such a way that they will match the screen resolution of a certain device. For example, if you are creating a mobile-friendly website for iPhones, you would use responsive web design so that iPhone users will be able to view your website effectively.

Main Benefits of Responsive Web Design

One benefit of responsive web design is that you do not have to create multiple versions of your business website, and the webpages within your website have faster uploading time. You website viewers will not have to waste time on unnecessary fluff because responsive web design lets you only feature the most relevant information on the site. It also saves you money on hiring a large web design team.

Where to Learn More About Responsive Web Design

If you are a graphic design student who aspires to have your own web design company, it is important that you learn how to do responsive web design since it will be popular for the next few years. If your school offers a course in the subject, enroll in the class. Another idea is to take classes in responsive web design at a community center or you can watch online videos on this topic. Talk to Brian Petruzzi or other professionals who design websites and ask them to give you lessons on responsive web design. Attend seminars on business web design and read a few electronics articles on the topic.

Responsive Web Design Tips

To create a mobile-friendly website, you should have a low resolution screen of at least 240 to 320 pixels as this is the average size for mobile phones. Cut down on the large graphics and banner ads because it takes up too much space for a mobile website and the readers will become disinterested. On the other hand, increase your amount of relevant content because this is what readers prefer on mobile phone websites.

How Employees Benefit From Responsive Web Design

When your employees view your website on their phones, they are able to check messages you send them quicker and they are better able to send you files and images that are related to business affairs without having formal meetings or wasting paper to do so. Therefore responsive web design is a cost-efficient way to communicate with employees.

Responsive web design is a growing business trend that will last for many years and it is an easier way to reach potential customers with your services. You can advertise your bargains and accept inquiries from potential customers. This type of design also gives you the opportunity to reach diverse segments of people such as teens and college students as most of them own smartphones and tablet computers.

Shattered iPhone Screen? Don’t Buy A New Phone Just Yet.

The iPhone is definitely one of the most popular phones nowadays. Almost everybody is carrying an iPhone–communicating with people, organizing their files and their schedules, using social media, or simply enjoying various applications. However, unexpected things happen and sometimes, people accidentally drops their iPhone. The problem with iPhone repair is that it would cost $200 to get it repaired at Apple, $700 to get a new one, and even talking to the wrong third party could potentially cost lots of money. You’ll want to check your local options. For example, if you’re in Florida you should be able to find a reputable company by searching for iphone repair Orlando.

Most people would pick one of these options or would simply discard their iPhone and get a new, probably cheaper, phone. However, this must not be the case. With a simple custom kit, lots of patience, and a dose of research, people can do their own iPhone repair and bring that smashed screen back to life.

But before diving in to the DIY world of iPhone repair, here are some things to consider.

Should You Just Get a New iPhone?

There are lots of factors why people often opt on getting a new phone. When it comes to a broken iPhone, if the phone contract is up, it would just be smart to wait for a few months to get a new phone. Apple has been consistent in releasing new versions of the iPhone, so wait it out, and once these new phones are released, sign up for a new phone contract and be more careful in using the iPhone. on the other hand, people who insist on iPhone repair are those who enjoy tinkering and those who are on a budget. However, remember that in order to do this iPhone repair well, one must be good with handling tiny screws and has the capacity to take things apart and bring them back together.

Research, Research, Research

As the old adage goes, knowledge is power. When it comes to iPhone repair, looking through tutorial websites and watching videos in Youtube is the best way to go. Follow the directions carefully and be patient.

Get A DIY Kit

There are many stores online and off ling selling DIY iPhone repair kits. These ranges from $50 to $100. There are even cheap sets worth $15, but tools might not be included on those. The basic components of these kits are the tools and parts needed to replace the broken screen. Be sure to buy from a reputable dealer.

Clear Work Space

There is nothing more depressing than losing the tiny screws of the iPhone among the piles of stuff on a workspace. It is important to clear the work space first before starting any project. Also, make sure that the area is well-lit and the tools needed are just around the corner.


The core of any DIY. Patience and a methodical sense is very important when trying to fix electronic gadgets. One cannot be hasty as this could lead to more problems. Check all the tiny screws, the broken glasses, the minute parts, and once the iPhone has been put back together, wait for the “click” that would suggest that the iPhone is back to life.

More Romney Fundraising Efforts

Republican nominee for President Mitt Romney has two different fundraising opportunities he will be attending soon. The stops include a trip to two locations on the Island. He can expect to take in between $2500 and $50000 per attendee.

The first of these fundraising opportunities will be at the home of Dwight and Martha Schar. The per-person charge will be just under $3000. Following this event, the home of Hilary and Wilbur Ross will serve as the second estate fundraising locations. The plates will go for an impressive $50000 per person and, according to Wilbur Ross, the attendance will stand at around a couple of hundred people.

The fundraising attendees are turning out in large numbers, Ross believes, because of the large fervor that was developed during the Presidential and Vice-Presidential debates. The latter of these events was attended by Ross himself. Ross believes that the Republicans not only won both of their respective debates, but completely outshone their opponents. This, he asserts, is an accomplishment rarely witnessed.

The Saturday event will be the Governor’s third fundraising trip on the Island. It also will be his last before the election to be held on November 6th, making this his last chance to make an impression in this region and garner financial support of this type.

The Sponsors

The event is sponsored by Romney Victory Inc. The proceeds will then be distributed by Romney Victory Inc. among several different organizations including the Republican National Committee, Romney for President Inc., and more.

There are several residents who are helping to co-chair this event. Among them are Wilbur and Hilary Ross, of course, and also Jerry and Darlene Jordan. Palm Beach residents Lourdes and Pepe Fanjul along with Woody and Suzanne Johnson are also on the host committee as well.

The Last Fundraising Event

The last time that Governor Mitt Romney headed to the Island for a fundraising trip was in April. At this time, he stopped at The Colony in an intimate meeting that was held with great secrecy. The group assembled was a small one. From here, the Governor then attended another $50000 a plate dinner hosted by the Jordan’s’, a couple that currently sits on the host committee. Steve and Kara Ross, residents of the region, held a fundraiser for the Governor in January that accumulated nearly two-million dollars and had nearly eight hundred attendees on the oceanfront property.

Dwight Schar, who hosted another pro-Romney fundraiser, was contacted regarding his role in the fundraising process. He deferred all questions to the Romney campaign where communications director Jeff Bechdel had no comment. Bechdel asserted that the campaign had a policy of not commenting on fundraisers.

Councilman Bill Diamond plans to be at the event on Saturday to support the Governor. Diamond, who has met the President before, believes that he should show much support for the Governor in his pursuit for the presidency. He, too, attended the January event and believes that this is important to promoting his support and guiding the Governor to the White House.

Event Apps: Information At Your Fingertips

Event apps are a good way for event coordinators and venue owners to connect with event attendees, speakers at your events and the general public regarding the events you are holding, so that they will know in advance where the latest meetings will be held in your city and the times and places of those events.

Through the use of the app you create, you can also let the public know if their favorite speakers will be there.

Before you create an event app, you will need to know the basics of creating mobile apps. An app serves as a mini-website or software application that is tailored for viewing on a mobile phone, and if you are creating an event app, you should design it in such a way that it fits well with both the iPhone and Android models of smartphones, as you will get more viewers this way.

Native or Web-Based App?

A native-based web app is the type of app that is built directly into the phone and the phone user does not always need an Internet connection to access it. The benefit of having a native event app is that you make the app more accessible to those who do not have Internet access on their phones and want to make use of their cellular service instead. The Web-based app is an app where the phone users will need Internet connection in order to access it. If you want to develop an event app for Androids and iPhones, you should consider both native and Web app for these phones, and for other types of phones such as Blackberry, a Web-based app would work.

What The Event App Should Include

When you create the event app, the app must include listings of the latest events you are holding in various cities and the addresses of the venues where the events will occur. It is also a good idea to include a link to further information where people can stay updated right from their phones through the app. The event app should also include GPS features so the phone users can easily locate your event. In addition, it is good to include constant updates and alerts that can be pushed out to your audience in real time. You should also include many links to social media networks, so phone users can share their thoughts on the events they attended.

Your event app should also contain speaker and exhibitor information, thus reducing the burden of moving around with a stack of paperwork and the environmental impact. You will also no longer need to print program inserts. Social networking websites can also be taken advantage of. Therefore, the app should have a widget which enables your users to automatically tweet the details of the events to their followers. This is made easier through an event-specific hashtag to tweets which can be posted through the app.

Event apps provide the quickest and most exciting way to promote and enage people at your event. With event apps, phone users can get more information on the events you are holding and pass it on to others through the social media feature within the app you created. Phone users can also interact with you and others through these apps to share their opinions on the events they attended and they can learn more about your company overall.

Foxconn Labor Strike


While you are enjoying the many benefits of your new iPhone, it is easy to forget about the factory workers who work hard to produce these phones. There have been situations over the years where major manufacturers put heavy pressure on the factories that make the products and depending on the factory, the factory workers often earn little payment for the work they do in the factories. If that is not bad enough, some factories treat the workers poorly.

This is something you want to keep in mind as you consider a recent labor strike at the Foxconn factory in China. The workers there went on strike after they were met with overly strict demands from Apple regarding iPhone 5, and this made the production of the phone to be interrupted for some time. The strike included nearly violent assaults at the factory, with the absence of some of the inspectors who work at the plant.

Apple Being a Bully?

Apparently the reason why Apple demanded stricter and almost unrealistic inspections of the products of the factory workers was due to some complaints made by the customers of iPhone 5 concerning the design of the phones. While Apple has the legal right to expect top quality manufacturing of the plants that are hired, some human rights groups wonder if Apple is becoming like a bully as it relates to the demands the technology giant is making to the factories.

Examples of Unfair Treatment

Some of the unfair treatments that occurred are also worth mentioning. According to the workers at the factory, the workers were frequently denied vacation time during the country’s Golden Week, where people usually get three days off from work. In addition, there were unsafe work conditions, and there has been a spike in suicides by some of the workers due to frustration about the situation at the factory in general. Earlier this year, the Fair Labor Association conducted a study on the working conditions at Foxconn and they noticed that workers did not receive fair wages and that could barely survive off their salaries.


The Foxconn is not the only situation where factory worker injustice is taking place. Some years earlier, there was outcry about the working conditions at the Nike sweatshop factories. The workers at the Nike factories received low wages, and they worked very long hours with little time off or decent treatment from the bosses. Human rights organizations wanted Nike to improve the conditions of the workers and when this did not happen, some people in the United States decided to stop purchasing Nike products until things changed.  In addition, some f the workers were exposed to harsh chemicals which could have been carcinogenic.


Those in the Western world have become so used to consumerism that they have not educated themselves on the harsh realities of those in developing countries who make the products for us. We should do what we can to raise awareness of the working conditions of the factory workers because this is our way of showing our concern and appreciation of their efforts.